FaceTory - Seasons Sheet Mask Essentials

KYD $43

Each season brings about different skin concerns. Find ride-or-die sheet masks that cater to the most known skin problems that each season brings. These season-based boxes will ensure your skin is getting the treatment it deserves at the time it needs it! Each season box contains 7 different sheet masks, 2 of each. (14 sheet masks total)!

Winter Box help moisturize dry skin, soften texture/ dry patches, minimizes the look of fine lines, provide a protective layer of moisture Includes: Moon Velvet (2), Ace That Face (2), Woah That H2O (2), Dream Garden Elderflower (2), Oats My Bananas (2), Everyday Jasmine (2), Everyday Rice Bran (2) - Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Collagen, Ceramides, Oats, and more! - Best for this season because it includes sheet masks with milky, cream essence for extra nourishment

Spring Box help replenish dull/lackluster skin, soothes redness and irritations caused by dryness or blemishes, brightens and adds radiance for a healthy glow - Includes: Artemisia (2), Dream Garden Chamomile (2), Let's Talk Vitality (2), Glow Baby Glow (2), OMG Rejuvenating Snail (2), Everyday Lemon (2), Everyday Charcoal (2) - Key Ingredients: Artemisia, Chamomile, Niacinamide, Pomegranate, and more! - Best for this season because this box includes sheet masks with refreshing watery and gel-like essence

Summer Box help soothe redness, minimizes blemishes, balances moisture, adds radiance - Includes: Sun Bae (2), Dream Garden Elderflower (2), Artemisia (2), Let's Talk Detox (2), Glow Baby Glow (2), Soothe Me Tea Tree (2), Everyday Pearl (2) - Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, artemisia, Tea Tree, Charcoal, and more! - Best for this season because this box includes sheet masks that won't leave your skin feeling overly moisturized but rather perfectly balanced Fall Box help moisturize dry patches, balance the skin, add radiance, minimize redness and fine lines - Includes: Artemisia (2), Elderflower (2), Ace That Face (2), SOS Royal Jelly (2), Soothe Me Tea Tree (2), Be Bright Be You (2), Everyday Almond (2) - Key Ingredients: Royal Jelly, Sweet Almond, Elderflower, Collagen, and more! - Best for this season because this box includes sheet masks that help strengthen your skin barrier to protect against dry/hot weather and harsh winds

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