Jillian Dempsey

Jillian Dempsey - Gold Bar

KYD $208
Sourced exclusively from Japan, this luxe 24K gold-plated vibrating bar is the skin-sculpting tool Jillian Dempsey won’t leave home without. Smooth the vibrating t-bar across your forehead, between eyes, and along cheek and jaw bones for five minutes and you’ll be hooked—the sculpting, contouring facial massage relaxes facial muscles at 6000 vibrations per minute. Incredible for depuffing tired skin, lifting, and contouring, it’s the key to looking fresh on no-makeup days (pro tip: slip one in any guy’s dopp kit for the best gift ever). When the buzz on your gold bar starts to slow or stop, it’s time to change the battery. Just unscrew the bottom of the bar and swap in a fresh one.
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