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LiveYoung Candle Co. - Large Heart Candle - White With Rose Petals

KYD $75

We have added a large beautiful wooden heart shaped bowl candle, available in white-washed or natural brown. Each bowl is hand-carved by artisans and is unique in size and shape. They may have small knots, grooves or tiny cracks but that is what makes them wonderful. They would make an adorable home accents, gifts or even wedding favors. The bowls are approx.12 x11x 2.5 inches and will hold from 30-35 oz of wax, each will have 7-9 cotton wicks depending on the width of the heart bowl. They will burn up to 200 hours.

Beautiful Day: Fresh air ozone, citrus, golden sunshine, oak.

Champagne: Citrus and pear scent, that fills your nose with bubbles. Fizzy lime, orange and woody vanilla.

Crimson Pear: Bergamot, pear blossom, apple, jasmine, lily, rose, gardenia, wood, & vanilla.

French Lavender & Honey: Green leaves, French lavender, fresh fern, wild honey, & sandalwood.

Fresh Cut Roses: Bouquet of fresh cut rose.

Love Spell: Raspberry, cantaloupe, watermelon, jasmine, violet, grapefruit, & kumquat.

Santal: Slightly sultry & smokey, with metallic musk, cardamom, vetiver, leather, & sandalwood.

We offer delivery service on all orders with a value of KYD 100 or more. Please select your local delivery destination at checkout and we will confirm the charge. For customers requesting overseas shipment (from the Cayman Islands) shipping charges are variable and we will contact you to confirm.

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