SoapyBliss Bath & Body

SoapyBliss Bath & Body - Large Cupcake Bath Bombs: Mermaid

KYD $13
Creamy island Coconut, salty ocean breeze mixed with a little Mermaid whimsy! You will feel like the princess of the sea! Our Cupcake Bath Bombs are sweet little treats for your bath. They’re a fizzy, moisture rich, skin softening, bath enhancing treat of deliciousness! They have all the sweetness of a cupcake with no guilt! To use, simply tear off the cupcake liner, drop it in the tub and indulge! The “Cake” fizzes and bubbles with mango butter, avocado oil, and decadently sweet aroma! These little babies are yummy and addictive! You can use the frosting as a sugar scrub for your toesies or simply let it melt away while further infusing your bath with delicious aroma.
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