• Inaugurado en 2010 para traer una nueva experiencia Boutique para cuidado de la piel y cosméticos al por menor en las Islas Caimán, ofrecemos productos exclusivos y ofrecer un servicio al cliente de clase mundial.
  • Nuestro objetivo era proporcionar cuidado de la piel y cosméticos de lujo productos que se adaptan a todos los colores de piel y tipos de piel.
  • Comenzamos con 2 marcas y han crecido a más de 27.
  • Nuestras marcas son cuidadosamente seleccionados para las necesidades específicas de dirección - la piel grasa, anti-envejecimiento, orgánico, etc.
  • Todas nuestras marcas se complementan entre sí.
  • comercial de estilo Boutique
  • Celebramos nuestro 10 aniversario en octubre de 2020

Sharron Eyers

Sharron Eyers es el dueño de Le Visage - con más de 20 años de experiencia en la industria de la belleza, Sharron ha tenido el placer de trabajar para una serie de empresas líderes de belleza como Estee Lauder y Clinique - en lugares de todo el mundo. Un artista de maquillaje profesional y consultor cuidado de la piel mediante la formación, Sharron es un apasionado de ayudar a las mujeres a verse y sentirse mejor.

Cuando no está haciendo malabarismos con las responsabilidades de la ejecución de un exitoso negocio de venta al por menor, Sharron le gusta pasar tiempo con sus hijos, leer y participar en algunas de las experiencias culinarias sorprendentes que las Islas Caimán tienen que ofrecer.

Rebecca Ebanks

With a love for problem solving and being the go-to person, I originally come to Le Visage from a background of marketing, creative thinking and event planning.

And being at Le Visage from 2015, I have become a true staple and an indispensable part of the makeup of who we are. I bring attention to detail, a positive & cheerful personality, and innovation to my role. A quick learner, I have been extensively trained in all of our brands and am always ready to assist.

"I’m passionate about helping others through customer service and really believe in being that person that makes someone's day. I've always enjoyed a detailed-oriented point of view. A way of thinking about things from start to finish with all the little details put in together to form the whole picture. Le Visage fits that ideal perfectly - with something for today's man or woman all together in one wonderful package or should I say store."

"I truly treasure being a part of Le Visage. Be sure to stop in and see me some time."

Micaela Mitchell

All the way from South Africa, I’m so very happy to be one of newest to join our lovely Le Visage Team.

I'm passionate about Skincare & Cosmetics, and come from a Spa background with my qualification in Somatology, which focuses on the science of the skin & body. From this teaching my passion has grown to not only wanting to learn the depths of skin wellness but to also impart this knowledge & care to others with all different skin types and concerns.

"I believe in kindness and going the extra mile for others, everyone deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin!" I’m grateful to work in a space with such driven and talented women and I look forward to meeting you all. “

Fernanda Mammana

Coming from Brazil, beauty has always been part of my life. Even more so now that I have chosen this amazing Island to call home. I’m glad to be part of Le Visage team.

With a background in Marketing and Luxury Management, I'm eager to offer a flawless customer service in this high end boutique where you can find the best products in the world in one place. I have deep passion for everything related to beauty, skincare, makeup and self-care. I believe when we take care of ourselves we feel better and more beautiful.

"I love to work with people, and for me each costumer is a unique opportunity to help finding the best way to self-nurture. Can't wait to help you!"