Named after their two cats Bella and Bear, the founders wanted to create functional but pretty products that give their customers a warm and fuzzy feeling when they buy. Which is why they added 'cute' into the products both in naming and in the packaging. What makes their product unique? At Bella & Bear, they don't believe in animal testing for the sake of beauty. So, when you purchase their products, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. All Bella & Bear products are 100% Vegan. The jars come from recycled plastic and they're always looking at ways to be more socially responsible. Why they love what we do? When they develop their products, the mantra is 'everyday luxury'. These words are at the forefront of their minds daily, everything they create, design and produce are based on those 2 little words. They love putting smiles on faces and that's exactly why they do what they do.

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