• Opened in 2010 to bring a new boutique experience to skincare & cosmetics retail in the Cayman Islands, we offer exclusive products and deliver world-class customer service.
  • Our goal was to provide luxury skincare & cosmetics products that cater to all skin colours and skin types.
  • We started with 2 brands and have grown to over 27.
  • Our brands are carefully selected to address specific needs – oily skin, anti-aging, organic etc.
  • All of our brands complement each other.
  • Boutique style shopping
  • We celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary in October 2020

Sharron Eyers

Sharron Eyers is the Owner of Le Visage - with over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Sharron has had the pleasure of working for a number of leading beauty companies such as Estee Lauder and Clinique - in locations around the globe. A Professional Makeup Artist and Skincare Consultant by training, Sharron is passionate about helping women look and feel their very best.

When not juggling the responsibilities of running a successful retail business, Sharron enjoys spending time with her sons, reading and partaking in some of the amazing dining experiences that the Cayman Islands have to offer.

Alyssa Solomon

Alyssa's background is in the arts, going to school in San Francisco for Fashion and working in Graphic Design in Cayman.

Found a passion for skincare and makeup while working part time at Le Visage and kept coming back. She loves making a connection with customers, helping them find exactly what they need and making their experience as easy as possible.

Rebecca Ebanks

With a love for problem solving and being the go-to person Rebecca originally comes to Le Visage from a background of marketing, creative thinking and event planning.

And as of five years at Le Visage Rebecca has become a true staple and an indispensable part of the makeup of who we are. She brings attention to detail, a positive & cheerful personality, and innovation to her role. A quick learner, Rebecca has been extensively trained in all of our brands and is always ready to assist.

"I’m passionate about helping others through customer service and really believe in being that person that makes someone's day. I've always enjoyed a detailed-oriented point of view. A way of thinking about things from start to finish with all the little details put in together to form the whole picture. Le Visage fits that ideal perfectly - with something for today's man or woman all together in one wonderful package or should I say store."

"I truly treasure being a part of Le Visage. Be sure to stop in and see me some time."

Trina Biliti

Trina is a Texas/Michigan native with over 20 year’s experience in the beauty industry. She holds a diploma from David Pressley School of Cosmetology, Michigan and many certificates on advanced techniques of makeup application, skincare and haircare.

Trina has had the privilege of working for Warner Bros Entertainment, Sephora, Estee Lauder and MAC cosmetics during her career before coming to Cayman. Her passion for makeup and skincare helps her to keep up with the latest trends, tips and tricks.

“The best thing a girl can wear is her confidence.”