Teach Me - a personalized 1 hr Makeup Lesson*

$100 KYD - redeemable against a qualifying makeup purchase.

"Love the idea of makeup but don’t know where to start? Le Visage will teach you step by step the art of makeup application. A personal chart is included and the lesson will be tailored to suit your needs."

Art Class - a group Makeup Class*

$225 KYD (2hr class, 3 students) - redeemable against a qualifying makeup purchase.

"Give girls night in a new twist and bring two of your closest friends to Le Visage for a private group makeup lesson in our lovely boutique - the bubbles are on us. Our resident Makeup Artist will share professional tips and tricks - and also spend some one-on-one time focused on personalized techniques catered to each individual."

Girls Night Out - let us elevate your look for a night out.

$75 KYD (40min service) - redeemable against a qualifying makeup purchase.

"Treat yourself to our premium Makeup Artistry service. Whether you seek a glamorous look for a night out or want to impress that special someone - let us indulge you."

For Your Eyes Only!

$40 KYD (20min service)

"They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul...transform your eyes and receive some tips from the experts at Le Visage."

Wink Wink!

$20 KYD (10min service)

"Want to add some drama to your look? Choose from our premium collection of false eyelashes to add that finishing touch".

* denotes a private service and includes private shopping