Luxie Beauty

Luxie Beauty - Dreamcatcher Awaken Face Set

KYD $81

The Awaken Set features four face brushes. Buff, blend and cover up any imperfections with these ultra-soft and dense brushes. From spot concealing to precisely contouring your cheekbones and nose the Awaken set has it all. This curated set takes the guesswork out of selecting face brushes. These tools will create the picture-perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup routine.

LUXIE 511 Powder Blush: Round powder blush brush can be used with cream, powder, and liquid blush formulas.

LUXIE 533 Small Precision:  Soft and dense angled brush can be used to apply, blend, and soften makeup.

LUXIE 517 Small Sculpt: Small angled sculpt brush, can be used to blend smaller detail application on face, nose, and eyes.

LUXIE 210 Concealer: Flat slim concealer brush can be used to apply concealer, corrector, and primer.

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