Saint Jane

Saint Jane - Body Sun Ritual Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

KYD $54

Protect your skin with a lightweight,
ultra-hydrating SPF 30 safety shield. This
mineral sunscreen formula creates a
barrier against photo-aging harmful UVA,
UVB, and environmental pollutants. Brimming
with antioxidant-rich, complexion-calming and
glow-giving ingredients, Body Sun Ritual SPF30
locks in moisture and evens out the tone,
leaving skin soft, smooth, and balanced.


Zinc Oxide: A physical sunscreen, Zinc Oxide (11%) lays on the skin in a thin layer
and reflects harmful UVA and UVB rays without clogging pores or causing congestion. 
Anti-Dehydration Shield: A unique complex that delivers moisture flow throughout
skin layers, boosting hyaluronic acid that already exists in your skin.
Blue Lotus Flower: A rich source of antioxidants + anti-inflammatory properties
help soothe stressed skin, reduce redness, and hold onto moisture.
Spotted Orchid Flower: Spotted Orchid helps minimize oxidative stress due to
environment aggressors 
Passion Fruit Extract: Rich in vitamins A and C that help smooth the appearance of
wrinkles and revitalize the skin. 
Emollients: Superior emollients that trap moisture in the skin and form a breathable
protective layer to prevent moisture loss.

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