Sash & Co

Sash & Co - Cork Pink Roses Makeup Bag

KYD $105

SASH & CO. A Handmade Artisan Portuguese Brand. Diana Escalante, brand designer and creator of the brand, bringing her passion for handbags and home accessories to developing beautiful and stunning designs that will last.


We design and handcraft unique artisan pieces, working on a line of home accessories made in Portugal and only using quality materials! It is our aim to continue developing beautiful and stunning designs that you can enjoy and be proud of.


We embrace working with cork, a natural, recyclable and reusable material, which is important for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable society. It is from the cork oak that this nature’s extraordinary product is harvested from. Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region, Portugal having the largest acres of cork trees.

The cork oak tree has a life span of 250-350 years. It takes each cork oak tree 25 years before it can be harvested for the first time. After the first harvest, the cork oak tree will be harvested every 9 years.


Cork is a beautiful material to work with, for several reasons and its advantages. It is water resistant, lightweight, stain resistant, soft & smooth, sustainable & eco-friendly, natural fiber and abrasion resistance, with all these unique properties we are creating and giving a different approach the Fashion world.


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