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Bumble & Bumble - Seaweed Conditioner 200 ml / 6.7 fl oz

KYD $41

Lightweight conditioner that hydrates hair and helps balance moisture.

Dive into nourished shine with our creamy-light [seaweed conditioner] infused with a trio of nutrient-rich Royal Sugar Kelp, Pacific Sea Kelp, and Green Microalgae. This [hydrating conditioner] helps balance moisture and nurtures hair and scalp for strands that feel lightweight, smooth, and free of residue. All while reducing frizz and imbuing a softness + buoyant shine that our Pros say, “you couldn’t find on Bb.Land, until now.” A new, mindfully crafted evolution of our original Seaweed Conditioner formula, responsibly packaged with 100% recycled materials.
When used together with Seaweed Shampoo, 91% showed improved scalp hydration.*
*testing on 32 subjects after using 3 times.


Infused with Royal Sugar Kelp, Pacific Sea Kelp, and Green Microalgae.
Promotes an optimal scalp environment with balanced moisture.
Made from 97% naturally derived ingredients.
Free from animal derived ingredients.
Responsibly packaged with 100% recycled materials.


This lightweight conditioner is ideal for all hair types seeking nourishing-yet-lightweight moisture and care for hair and scalp.


Step 3 in our nourishing Seaweed Routine. After cleansing with Seaweed Shampoo, apply from scalp to ends, massaging through damp hair, and rinse. Follow with Seaweed Air Dry Cream for effortless air-dried styles and all-day hydration.

Depending on how much hair you have, a little Seaweed Conditioner goes a long way to leave your hair feeling light, shiny, and buoyant.
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